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Gold’s Gym Long Beach

75 Aquarium Way

Long Beach, CA 90802



English Spanish

Gold’s Gym Long Beach

75 Aquarium Way

Long Beach, CA 90802


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75 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

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PROD 9003 TESt

Golds Gym Cerritos

Golds Gym Victoria Gardens at Rancho Cucamonga

Golds Gym Glendale

Golds Gym Northridge

Golds Gym Thousand Oaks

Golds Gym Hollywood

Golds Gym Downtown LA

Golds Gym Santa Barbara - Downtown

Golds Gym Santa Barbara - Goleta

Golds Gym Santa Barbara - Uptown

Golds Gym Anaheim Town Square

Golds Gym Arcadia

Golds Gym Culver City

Golds Gym Fullerton

Golds Gym Garden Grove

Golds Gym La Mirada

Golds Gym Long Beach

Golds Gym Montclair

Golds Gym North Hollywood

Golds Gym Oxnard

Golds Gym Simi Valley

Golds Gym West Covina

Golds Gym Valencia



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Single Club*

Single Club includes access to your home club only.


Passport includes all clubs except Hollywood, Cerritos, Downtown LA, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Glendale, Thousand Oaks, Northridge, and Victoria Gardens locations.

Passport Gold Plus*

Passport Gold Plus includes all clubs except Hollywood, Downtown LA, Santa Barbara, and Goleta locations.

Multi-Club Access*

Multi-club includes all clubs except for Goleta and Santa Barbara locations.

Platinum Access*

Platinum includes all Gold’s Gym SoCal locations.

**Gold’s Gym SoCal refers to an association of independently owned and operated Gold’s Gym franchises which offer each other’s members certain reciprocal benefits.  Each franchise maintains its own independent corporate status, having its own officers, directors, employees and contractors, and each operates under its own separate policies and procedures.